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Conoce algunos beneficios que tiene cantar en la ducha

[2017-09-23] Se podría decir que cantar mientras estas en la ducha es uno de los placeres de la vida ya que te sientes tan relajada por el agua que, aprovechas este tiempo a solas para expresarte con la música aunque no sea lo mejor.


70 prosent av den norske befolkningen er fysisk inaktive

[2017-09-23] Ifølge forskning gjør dette at vi eldes raskere. At vi sitter mye stille er det liten tvil om, og en del er også inaktive, noe som er koblet til høyere risiko for blant annet hjertesykdom og død.


How Your Height Might Affect Your Health

[2017-09-23] By Most kids love hearing people comment on how tall they're getting. In some circles, particularly homes where sports like volleyball or basketball are revered and often played, being tall is considered a definite plus.


The High-Tech Future of the Uterus

[2017-09-23] Following the recent success of the world’s first uterus transplant, scientists are pursuing the new frontier of the bioengineered womb.

[True Viral News]

Kintsugi live

[2017-09-23] This performance by the Burton Naidoo group Kintsugi at is part of the Concerts SA Venue Circuit which aims to foster a love and support for live

[Whats On]

Distraction isn’t only way virtual reality might ease pain

[2017-09-23] Virtual reality games might help ease pain not just by distracting players from what ails them, but also by triggering changes in the brain, a recent research review suggests.

[Business Recorder]

Identifican un marcador temprano del Alzheimer

[2017-09-23] Investigadores del Instituto de Neurociencias, centro mixto de la Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) de Elche y el Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), han identificado un nuevo marcador temprano para la detección del Alzheimer.

[Proceso Digital]

3 e 4 ottobre a Milano: One Ocean Forum

[2017-09-23] Milano capitale della sostenibilità dell’ambiente marino: Il 3 e 4 ottobre in scena al Teatro Franco Parenti ONE OCEAN Forum Due giorni di


Lindhal a preview Festival medicina

[2017-09-22] (ANSA) - BOLOGNA, 22 SET - Il nobel per la chimica 2015, lo svedese naturalizzato britannico, Tomas Lindhal, sarà ospite il 2 ottobre nell'Aula


"La guida scandinava per vivere 10 anni di più" di Bertil Marklund

[2017-09-22] “La maggior parte delle persone vorrebbe poter godere di una vita più lunga e più sana e il punto di partenza del libro è spiegare come ottenerla.


Festival della scienza medica: a Bologna la Lectio Magistralis di Tomas Lindahl, il Nobel che studia tumori e malattie genetiche rare

[2017-09-22] Nell’attribuirgli il Premio Nobel per la Chimica nel 2015, la Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences ha definito le scoperte di Tomas Lindhal una “cassetta degli attrezzi” per la riparazione del DNA.

[Sassuolo 2000]

Intensive control leads to greater benefits in type 2 diabetes

[2017-09-22] Intensive control of blood glucose levels and other health markers benefits people with type 2 diabetes more than standard care, research suggests.


Ocho jóvenes de Rusia, Nigeria, Panamá y España, ganadores del International HR Conference Barcelona Student Contest

[2017-09-22] Ocho jóvenes disruptivos e innovadores under 30 provenientes de Rusia, Nigeria, Panamá y España han sido los ganadores del International HR Conference


Probiotics impact intestinal microbiota in colon cancer patients notes study

[2017-09-22] | » » » » A recent study, performed by the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in collaboration with DuPont Nutrition &


Probiotics impact intestinal microbiota in colon cancer patients, notes study

[2017-09-22] A recent study, performed by the Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden, in collaboration with DuPont Nutrition &

[European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer]

High-pressure processing ensures that broccoli sprouts keep cancer-fighting compounds, researchers find

[2017-09-22] 22 Sep 2017 --- High-pressure processing could wipe out harmful bacteria in raw broccoli sprouts while maintaining high concentrations of its

[Nutrition Horizon]

Promising modification of the intestinal flora in colon cancer

[2017-09-22] Living lactic acid bacteria, probiotics, can change the intestinal flora of patients with cancer of the colon. These are the findings of a study published in the journal BMJ Open Gastroenterology.

[Health Canal]

Bloodborne Tau: Foggy Window into the Brain for TBI, Dementia

[2017-09-22] In this month’s JAMA Neurology, two papers examine whether tau circulating in plasma could offer a blood-based biomarker for brain disorders.

[Alzheimer Research Forum]

Pierde peso sin hacer ejercicio

[2017-09-21] Vida y Estilo Sabías que existen varias maneras de perder peso sin la necesidad de hacer ejercicios?


Genes behind Gestation Length and Preterm Delivery Identified

[2017-09-21] Image: The Genome-wide Association Studies fact sheet (Photo courtesy of the National Human Genome Research Institute).

[Lab Medica]

The Research School has started 

[2017-09-21] The 20th to the 21st of September, Urban Futures Open Research School launched the course Co-producing knowledge in transdisciplinary research – From practice to theory. The course has shown an overwhelming interest.

[Mistra Urban Futures]

Powering Precision Health 2017 To Kick Off With A Mission To Eradicate Disease

[2017-09-21] BOSTON & CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--( BUSINESS WIRE )--The nation’s first precision health summit designed to be the premiere forum for world-leading

[Business Wire]

Urban Wastes Trouble Indian Rivers

[2017-09-21] A team of experts from India and Sweden has flagged concerns over uncontrolled dumping of partly treated/untreated urban waste into rivers — leading to the spread of antibiotic resistance….

[Asian Lite]

Study Shows DuPont Probiotics Impact Intestinal Microbiota in Colon Cancer Patients

[2017-09-21] Breakthrough results show probiotic intervention can positively alter and modify intestinal microbiota in patients with colon cancer GOTHENBURG,


Plutonio de un satélite accidentado en los años 60 permanece en Madagascar

[2017-09-21] EE UU lanzó el satélite SNAP-9A (del inglés System Auxiliary Nuclear Power) al espacio en 1964, pero no consiguió alcanzar su órbita y se desintegró a nivel estratosférico.


ProBion Innovation Sweden Announces Colon Cancer Breakthrough: New Probiotic Treatment Markedly Reduces Cancer-Related Microbes

[2017-09-21] GOTHENBURG, Sweden , Sept. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  AB ( PISA ), a research biotechnology start-up, announces the results of a clinical trial,


How to get back your privacy online without completely checking out

[2017-09-21] As a creative professional, it's pretty much impossible to live without the Internet, technology and social media. Being connected brings many benefits.

[Creative Boom]

Study Shows DuPont Probiotics Impact...

[2017-09-21] Breakthrough results show probiotic intervention can positively alter and modify intestinal microbiota in patients with colon cancer.


De fick musikstipendier

[2017-09-21] Stiftelsen Edit och Levi Erikssons minnesfond har delat ut stipendier för 8 485 euro. Stiftelsens ändamål är att främja och stödja kyrkomusikstudier och andra musikstudier bland åländska ungdomar.

[Nya Åland]

Promotie: asielzoekers krijgen weinig ruimte voor hun verhaal

[2017-09-21] Agenda - Promotie Mw. Tanja S. van Veldhuizen, MSc 22 sep 10:00 Promotie Mw. Tanja S. van Veldhuizen, MSc. Joint Degree University of Gothenburg-UM Promotores: prof.dr. P.J. van Koppen, prof.dr. P.A. Granhag, Sw Co-promotores: dr. R.


NextCell Pharma receives wholesale distribution authorisation

[2017-09-21] NextCell Pharma AB ("NextCell") today announces that the company has been granted license for wholesale of cell based investigational medicinal products. The company was inspected earlier this summer by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

[4 Traders]

Milano: ONE OCEAN Forum, per la sostenibilità dell’ambiente marino

[2017-09-21] Martedì 19 settembre, a Milano, presso la Fondazione Riccardo Catella, è stata presentato l’evento ONE OCEAN Forum, dedicato ai progetti innovativi di

[Focus Online.it]

Asylum procedure: the art of asking questions

[2017-09-20] How did you come up with this topic? “I’ve been interested in issues like justice, cultural differences and morality for a long time.

[Universiteit Maastricht]

Centenary symposium: Metabolism – The Foundation of Life

[2017-09-20] 13:21 CET Leading metabolism researchers will gather in Gothenburg on September 28 and present the latest research in their field at the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation’s 100-year anniversary symposium.

[Cision Wire]

El CNA determina plutonio en Madagascar debido al accidente del satélite SNAP-9A

[2017-09-20] En el año 1964, EE.UU. lanza un satélite con la unidad energética SNAP-9A (del inglés System Auxiliary Nuclear Power) al espacio. Dicho satélite no consigue alcanzar su órbita y se desintegra a nivel estratosférico.


Nattarbeid kan gi dårligere tenner

[2017-09-20] Om du jobber dag eller natt kan påvirke tennene dine, viser en svensk studie. Det er kjent at utdanningsnivå og økonomi påvirker folks tannhelse. Jo kortere utdanning og jo svakere økonomi, jo dårligere står det til med tennene.

[Oppland Arbeiderblad]

Greffe d'utérus: 8 enfants nés de la recherche suédoise

[2017-09-20] Huit enfant sont nés après les greffes d'utérus réalisées dans le cadre dans le cadre des recherches menées à l'Académie Sahlgrenska à l'université de Göteborg, en Suède, selon un communiqué publié sur le site de l'établissement vendredi.


The 16S rRNA gene-based PCR method used for the detection of segmented filamentous bacteria in the intestinal microbiota generates false-positive results

[2017-09-20] Forough L. Nowrouzian, Corresponding author E-mail address: forough.nowrouzian@microbio.gu.


Operafest med solister fra øverste hylle

[2017-09-20] Kulturinteresserte får oppleve klassisk opera fra øverste hylle i Mosjøen kulturhus. O mio babbino caro, min elskede far. Tonene klinger vakkert i høstluften når sopranen Minda Marie Fiskum synger av full hals.


Ruotsissa aiotaan lisätä opiskelupaikkoja

[2017-09-20] Ruotsin hallitus esittää, että lääkärikoulutuspaikkojen määrää lisättäisiin seuraavien viiden vuoden aikana. Ensi vuonna lisäpaikkoja tulisi 40. Vuoteen 2023 mennessä vuosittainen sisäänottomäärä kasvaisi 440:llä.

[Suomen Lääkärilehti]

Kyllä kai sieltä ainakin töitä löytyy - Leo Ylitalo muistelee 1970-luvun siirtolaisuutta

[2017-09-20] Se ei ollut mitään kaunista katseltavaa. Nuorehko suomalaismies oli hypännyt alas Tukholman liepeillä Sundbybergissä sijaitsevan kerrostalon kymmenennestä kerroksesta, ja lokit parveilivat asvaltilla verisen ruumiin ympärillä.


Distraction isn’t only way virtual reality might ease pain

[2017-09-20] Virtual reality games might help ease pain not just by distracting players from what ails them, but also by triggering changes in the brain, a recent research review suggests.

[Japan Today]

Progetto europeo “Promuovere l’eguaglianza di genere nelle industrie dei media”. Padova, 29 settembre

[2017-09-20] Presentazione di un progetto finanziato dalla Commissione Europea, Direttorato Generale Giustizia e Consumatori bando JUST/2015/action grants.  Notte dei Ricercatori 2017. Padova, 29 settembre ore 17.


Nelson appointed to serve on Nebraska Ethanol Board

[2017-09-19] Taylor Nelson, who farms near Jackson, Nebraska, joins the Nebraska Ethanol Board as the corn representative. He was appointed by Gov. Pete Ricketts Sept. 8. Nelson earned his agriculture economics degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

[High Plains Journal]

Seltene Metalle: Fast alle lassen sich durch Kohlenstoff ersetzen

[2017-09-19] Von Antimon bis Wolfram – viele Metalle kommen auf der Erde vergleichsweise selten vor oder sind schwer zu gewinnen. Gleichzeitig gelten sie als unverzichtbar für die moderne Technik.

[Spektrum der Wissenschaft]

"One Ocean Forum", Milano capitale della sostenibilità dell'ambiente marino

[2017-09-19] MARE È stata presentata questa mattina a Milano ONE OCEAN Forum (OOF), l'evento ideato dallo Yacht Club Costa Smeralda dedicato ai progetti innovativi


Jak tworzy? produkty z my?l? o recyklingu?

[2017-09-19] Od decyzji podj?tych przy projektowaniu produktu zale?y ile surowców uda si? odzyska? w przysz?o?ci. Jednak sam wybór materia?u pozwalaj?cego na recykling to nie wszystko.


New treatment for osteoporosis provides better protection against fractures

[2017-09-19] | » » » » (University of Gothenburg) A new treatment for osteoporosis provides major improvements in bone density and more effective protection against fractures than the current standard treatment.


US students - get your master’s for free at a top Swedish university

[2017-09-19] What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Sweden? Unless you’ve visited or lived here, there might not be a whole lot! And that’s OK.

[The Local Denmark]

"Charta Smeralda" per salvezza dei mari

[2017-09-19] Annunciato come il primo evento italiano di respiro internazionale dedicato alla salvaguardia dei mari, si terrà a Milano il 3 e 4 ottobre Once Ocean Forum.


Erik Gräns to Present at CIMdata’s PLM Road Map 2017

[2017-09-19] The presentation will share China-Euro Vehicle Technology AB’s PLM journey. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 19 September 2017—CIMdata, Inc.


România va participa la Târgul de carte de la Göteborg. Portretele invita?ilor de marc?

[2017-09-19] Actual › Mar, 2017-09-19 13:41 Educa?ia ?i formarea constant?, libertatea de expresie în contextul politic ?i social al lumii actuale...Teme acute, care genereaz? în ultima vreme dezbateri aprinse.

[Cariere - Jurnal de Leadership]

Svensk studie: Nattarbeid kan gi deg dårligere tannhelse

[2017-09-19] Om du jobber dag eller natt kan påvirke tennene dine. Det er kjent at utdanningsnivå og økonomi påvirker folks tannhelse. Jo kortere utdanning og jo svakere økonomi, jo dårligere står det til med tenna.


Almeno cinquemila morti in Europa per il Dieselgate

[2017-09-19] Secondo uno studio appena pubblicato dalla rivista  Environmental Research Letters , il Dieselgate è costato cinquemila vite umane  l’anno in più nella sola Europa.


Sarkis Joseph Khoury, PhD, Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who's Who

[2017-09-19] -- Marquis Who's Who, the world's premier publisher of biographical profiles, is proud to name Sarkis Joseph Khoury, PhD, a Lifetime Achiever. An accomplished listee, Dr.


Ny doktorgrad om ACT-team

[2017-09-19] Hanne Clausen har forsvart sin doktorgrad om pasienter i ACT-team. Studien undersøker pasientenes livskvalitet og viser at ACT-team reduserer antall døgnopphold.


Anomalous observation with regard to prostate cancer in cancer research

[2017-09-19] Department of Urology, Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden First published: 19 September 2017Full publication history DOI: 10.1111/bju.

[BJU International]

Posterior vitreous detachment - prevalence of and risk factors for retinal tears

[2017-09-19] Martin Bond-Taylor, 1 Gunnar Jakobsson, 1,2 Madeleine Zetterberg 1,2 1 Department of Ophthalmology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Mölndal, 2


Games podem aliviar dores

[2017-09-19] shutterstock Alternativa pode ajudar a acabar com a dependência do uso de medicamentos analgésicos para tratar a dor Uma nova solução para a dor está sendo estudada.

[IG Minha Notícia]

Dieselgate, cinquemila morti in Europa ma l’auto va

[2017-09-19] Secondo uno studio appena pubblicato dalla rivista Environmental Research Letters, il Dieselgate è costato cinquemila vite umane  l’anno in più nella sola Europa.

[Il Manifesto]

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