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Vuelven a la Catedral Primada las obras de Bach para órgano

[2018-01-20] Hasta agosto de este año se extiende la programación de los ocho conciertos en torno a la obra de Johann Sebastian Bach para órgano en la Catedral Primada de Bogotá, en la segunda temporada de ‘Bach en Bogotá’.

[El Tiempo]

Natur er mye mer enn en handelsvare

[2018-01-20] Kronikk: Klimaproblemet er et presserende fremtidsspørsmål, og det har fått mye oppmerksomhet. Dessverre er det ikke den eneste miljøutfordringen.


AkzoNobel Launches 2018 Imagine Chemistry Challenge

[2018-01-19] Article By On January 10, 2018,  AkzoNobel, a member of the Biobased and Renewable Products Advocacy Group (BRAG ® ), announced the challenges for its latest Imagine Chemistry program .

[National Law Review]

Co-Detection of Dopamine and Glucose with High Temporal Resolution

[2018-01-19] Open Access Communication Catalysts 2018 , 8 (1), 34; doi:10.


Fugitive emissions

[2018-01-19] In 1988, a team of UK scientists used a novel instrument equipped with a powerful laser to scan the air high above and around an oil refinery in Gothenburg.


- Arbeidslivet må endres

[2018-01-19] Dagens arbeidsliv bidrar til utbrenthet og depresjon, mener den svenske statsviteren Bo Rothstein.. Bo Rothstein er en akademisk superstjerne.

[Agenda Magasin]

Real-world data on first relapse of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in patients >55 years.

[2018-01-19] a Department of Medical Sciences , Uppsala University Hospital , Uppsala , Sweden. 2 b Department of Medicine, School of Medical Sciences , Örebro University , Örebro , Sweden.


Zentrales Reaktionsprinzip von Metalloenzymen entschlüsselt

[2018-01-19] Zentrales Reaktionsprinzip von Metalloenzymen entschlüsselt - Anzeige - Was ermöglicht den schnellen Transfer von Elektronen, beispielsweise in der Photosynthese?


Three Sandians elected fellows of the American Physical Society

[2018-01-19] Alec Talin Sandia researchers Carlos Gutierrez, Alec Talin, and Thomas Mattsson have been elected fellows of the American Physical Society. The honor is afforded each year to no more than one half of 1 percent of the members of the society.

[Sandia National Laboratories]

A Southern Utah scientist is studying potentially the most dense material in our solar system

[2018-01-19] Share This Story Hydrogen: It's the lightest element on the periodic table. But, what if, in a specialized phase, it was actually the most dense our solar system has to offer?

[St. George Spectrum]

No se pierdan la temporada de conciertos de ‘Bach en Bogotᒠ2018

[2018-01-18] Toda la magia de la música para órgano de Johann Sebastian Bach regresa a la Catedral Primada de Bogotá este sábado 20 de enero, a las 5:00 p.m., cuando inicie la temporada 2018 del ciclo de conciertos Bach en Bogotá.

[El Pueblo]

The pitfalls of taking science to the public

[2018-01-18] Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre, 405 30, Gothenburg, Sweden. Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, 405 30, Gothenburg, Sweden.

[Science Magazine]

Sportsymposium Vorarlberg mit Nachwuchs-Schwerpunkt (Österreichischer Leichtathletik-Verband)

[2018-01-18] News des Österreichischen Leichtathletik-Verbandes. >> http://www.oelv.at/news/ ERIMA Athletics Meeting - zusätzlicher Bew... Erstmals zwei Österreicher im ITO-Panel (Ö... Studiengang Training und Sport an der Fach...

[Börse Social]

Cancer du pancréas : un nouvel outil moléculaire pour le diagnostic

[2018-01-18] Le diagnostic précoce des cancers du pancréas est un défi pour les médecins et les scientifiques : on considère que ces tumeurs se développent

[Fondation ARC]

Corruption costs lives: evidence from a cross-country study

[2018-01-18] This paper investigates the effect of corruption on health outcomes by using cross-country panel data covering about 150 countries for the period of 1995 to 2012.

[Springer Link Journal]

Å lese Heidegger i dag

[2018-01-18] Ein skal lese Heidegger kontekstnært og med varsemd, med særskild merksemd om tvitydigskapar hjå Heidegger som person og i tekstane hans og med auga for kva ein kan lære, skriv Ingmar Meland.


The University of Gothenburg International Scholarships

[2018-01-18] Description: The Admissions Office at the University of Gothenburg administers scholarships intended for fee-paying applicants, who have applied in the first admission round via universityadmissions.

[Siasat Daily]

ISOFOL MEDICAL : Positive treatment results with Modufolin® (arfolitixorin) will be published at a cancer congress (ASCO) in the US

[2018-01-18] Prior to this year's Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancers Symposium of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the worlds leading oncology congress

[4 Traders]

ÅA gick från språkstrid till globalisering

[2018-01-18] Åbo Akademi fyller 100 år. Jubileet inbjuder till såväl nostalgiska hågkomster som granskningar av dagsläget och visioner för framtiden. I dag inleds festligheterna som varar hela året.


Stanford: How weight gain changes your whole body

[2018-01-17] Weight gain isn’t just a number on your bathroom scale. A new Stanford study has found that the entire body undergoes changes for the worse when people pack on the pounds.

[East Bay Times]

Competition winners announced

[2018-01-17] 17 January 2018 at 18:05 A competition was held in Engineers Ireland in December to select two representatives for Ireland at the 26th European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference which will be held in Graz in September 2018.

[Engineers Ireland]

Stanford: Weight gain changes your whole body for the worse

[2018-01-17] Weight gain isn’t just a number on your bathroom scale. A new Stanford study has found that the entire body undergoes changes for the worse when people pack on the pounds.

[The Mercury News]

Stanford: Weight gain changes your whole body

[2018-01-17] Weight gain isn’t just a number on your bathroom scale. A new Stanford study has found that the entire body undergoes changes when people pack on the pounds.

[The Mercury News]

En Suède, un zoo admet avoir tué neuf bébés lions en parfaite santé

[2018-01-17] Ph. Borås Djurpark Un zoo suédois est au cœur d’une polémique après avoir avoué qu’il avait tué neuf lionceaux. Ils étaient considérés « en surplus ». Au zoo de Borås, en Suède, 13 lions sont nés au cours des six dernières années.

[Metro Time]

Weight flux alters molecular profile, Stanford-led study finds

[2018-01-17] The human body undergoes dramatic changes during even short periods of weight gain and loss, according to a study led by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.


Aufstehen statt Stillsitzen

[2018-01-17] Bewegung hält fit – nicht nur den Körper, sondern auch den Geist. Zeit, dass sich Kinder und Jugendliche auch außerhalb des Sportunterrichts in der Schule mehr bewegen. Das Magazin didacta berichtet. Von Heinz Frommel 17.01.


How Our Bones Might Help Keep Our Weight Stable

[2018-01-17] iStock Our skeletons may help to keep our weight stable, according to a fascinating new study with animals. The study suggests that bones could be much more intimately involved in tracking weight and controlling appetite than scientists realized.

[New York Times]

Biomechanical, histological and computed X-ray tomographic analyses of hydroxyapatite coated PEEK implants in an extended healing model in rabbit

[2018-01-17] Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden Author to whom correspondence should be addressed; E-Mail: par.johansson@mah.se; Tel.

[Journal of Biomedical Materials Research]

New SOFIA Observations Help Unravel Mysteries of the Birth of Colossal Suns

[2018-01-17] Astronomers are observing star-forming regions in our galaxy with NASA’s flying telescope, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy,

[ASD News]

Inicia temporada de conciertos de ‘Bach en Bogotᒠ2018

[2018-01-17] Los organistas internacionales más reconocidos del mundo vuelven a la Catedral Primada para interpretar la obra de Johann Sebastian Bach, un sábado al mes, entrada gratuita hasta completar aforo.


Sundance Names Jada Pinkett Smith, Octavia Spencer & Chaz Ebert To Jury; Jason Mantzoukas To Host Awards Show

[2018-01-16] REX/Shutterstock Hot off a big win for Girls Trip at the  NAACP Image Awards  last night, Jada Pinkett Smith will make some awards decisions of her own as a juror at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival , which unveiled its list of jurors today.


Synergistic Effects of Copper Sites on Apparent Stability of Multicopper Oxidase, Fet3p

[2018-01-16] Open Access Article Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2018 , 19 (1), 269; doi:10.3390/ijms19010269 (registering DOI) 1 Center for Interdisciplinary Biosciences, Technology and Innovation Park P.J.


Forme : Perdre du poids sans (presque) rien faire, c’est possible !

[2018-01-16] Par manque d’envie, de temps (oui, c’est une vraie excuse) ou parce que la condition physique ne le permet pas forcément, faire du sport régulièrement n’est pas toujours possible.

[Yahoo! France]

Few Sex Differences in Hospitalized Suicide Attempters Aged 70 and Above

[2018-01-16] Open Access Article Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018 , 15 (1), 141; doi:10.


Forme : Perdre du poids sans (presque) rien faire, c'est possible !

[2018-01-16] L’année 2018 vient tout juste de commencer que certaines résolutions sont déjà oubliées. Alors que le premier janvier, on a décidé de se mettre au sport, de faire attention à sa ligne et à sa santé, toutes ces bonnes idées sont déjà parties aux oubliettes.

[Portail Free]

Explicit Multipole Formulas for Calculating Thermal Resistance of Single U-Tube Ground Heat Exchangers

[2018-01-16] Open Access Article Energies 2018 , 11 (1), 214; doi:10.


Active matter in complex and crowded environments

[2018-01-16] (AGENPARL) - Roma, 16 gennaio 2018 13:37 - Il 25/01/2018 ore 14.30 – 15.30 Sala Conferenze CNR, Via P. castellino, 111 – 80131 Napoli Prof.


Undersøker livskvalitet hos pasienter med røykebein

[2018-01-16] perifer karsykdom - Perifer karsykdom (claudicatio intermittens, eller bedre kjent som røykebein) innebærer smerter i muskulaturen ved anstrengelser som for eksempel gange. Symptomfrihet oppstår etter en kort pause.


Norsk teknologi kan stoppe bakteriebomben

[2018-01-16] Norge har mye å bidra med i internasjonalt smittevern, men da må vi tenke ny teknologi. Den finnes.

[Dagens Medisin]

AkzoNobel Announces Challenges for its 2018 Imagine Chemistry Program

[2018-01-16] AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals has announced the challenges for its latest Imagine Chemistry program, which has fast become a key element of the company’s collaborative innovation approach.

[Special Chem 4 Coatings Ingredients]

We all know fibre is supposed to be good for us. But why is it?

[2018-01-16] Eat your five-a-day and exercise regularly we're told constantly. We can see the benefits, but what exactly is the science behind it?

[The Independent]

A Quiet Case of Ethnic Apartheid in Ethiopia:

[2018-01-16] By Girma Berhanu* Introduction It is not an exaggeration to state that Ethiopia is in a dangerous cross road. The overall situation is critical. The country has been engulfed by protests and clashes on a continuous basis since about two years ago.


9 Healthy Lion Cubs Killed At Zoo In Sweden Causing Outrage Worldwide

[2018-01-16] A zoo in Sweden has attracted worldwide controversy after admitting to killing nine lion cubs – despite the fact that they were all perfectly healthy.

[Holidog Times]

PPG - Architectural Coatings Wholesaler Purchase, allnex Optimized Distributor Network Synthomer - Leuna Site Sale and More Industry Highlights

[2018-01-16] Hello and welcome to your early week international coatings industry update, brought to you by SpecialChem.

[Special Chem 4 Coatings Ingredients]

Hamp;amp;amp;M 'racist' ad adds to company's woes

[2018-01-16] A racism scandal at H&M is the latest indication of management problems at the Swedish clothing giant, once the darling of shoppers but now struggling to make the switch to e-commerce, analysts say.

[Daily Sabah]

Svezia, zoo sopprime nove cuccioli di leone: "Costi troppo elevati"

[2018-01-16] Pensate che negli ultimi cinque anni sono stati "soppressi" nove cuccioli di leone in buona salute. Lo ha ammesso il parco svedese Boras Djurpark , a 40 chilometri da Göteborg . Solo due dei 13 leoni , nati da tre diverse cucciolate, sono sopravvissuti.


Próximo sábado primer concierto de la segunda temporada de Bach en BogotáEntretenimiento

[2018-01-15] 15/01/2018 2:16 pm RED+ Noticias Bogotá Entretenimiento Red+ El organista sueco Ulf Norberg.

[Red Más Noticias]

Neurofilament-Light May Be First Blood Biomarker for Peripheral Neuropathies, Study Suggests

[2018-01-15] Email to a Friend Friend's E-mail is Invalid Your Name: (optional) Your Email: Friend's Email: Separate multiple e-mails with a (;). Message: Thought you might appreciate this item(s) I saw at Neurology Today.

[Neurology Today]

"There was never anything odd about me being a female engineer"

[2018-01-15] Engineering offers a world of possibilities. As one of Saab’s first female employees with a master of science in engineering , Ulla Teige has had a fantastic career.


'Aquatic bacteria pose threat to aquatic animals'

[2018-01-15] Vibrio spp work as pathogens of aquatic creatures like fish and shrimp, causing serious losses in the aquaculture industry, said Nitte Deemed to be University vice chancellor Prof Dr Satheesh Bhandary.

[Deccan Herald]

RWTH RHEINISCH WESTFÄLISCHEN TECHNISCHEN HO : Scientists Decipher Key Principle Behind Reaction of Metalloenzymes

[2018-01-15] 15/01/2018 So-called pre-distorted states also accelerate photochemical reactions. What enables electrons to be transferred swiftly, for example during photosynthesis?

[4 Traders]

Forscher entschlüsseln zentrales Reaktionsprinzip von Metalloenzymen

[2018-01-15] 17:00 Sogenannte vorverspannte Zustände beschleunigen auch photochemische Reaktionen Was ermöglicht den schnellen Transfer von Elektronen, beispielsweise in der Photosynthese?

[Informations Dienst Wissenschaft]

Scientists decipher key principle behind reaction of metalloenzymes

[2018-01-15] 17:00 So-called pre-distorted states accelerate photochemical reactions too What enables electrons to be transferred swiftly, for example during photosynthesis?

[Informations Dienst Wissenschaft]

Cancro gastrico, studio internazionale individua nuovi marker tumorali

[2018-01-15] Il prof. Franco Roviello unico italiano nel team di ricercatori.

[Insalute News.it]

Segundo pesquisa, cerveja diminui chances de infarto em mulheres

[2018-01-15] Em estudo realizado na Sahlgrenska Academy, centro de pesquisas da Universidade de Gothenburg na Suécia mulheres que tomam cerveja são mais felizes e tem menos chance de infartar.

[Diga Bahia!]

Marcatori tumorali del cancro gastrico, da Siena Roviello è l'unico italiano della ricerca

[2018-01-15] Lo studio, coordinato dall'Università di Goteborg, insieme ad altre istituzioni scientifiche tra cui le università di Dublino, Berlino e Porto, è stato appena pubblicato sulla rivista scientifica "Scientific Reports" di Nature . Abbiamo ...


Svezia, zoo uccide nove cuccioli di leone: “Ci costava troppo mantenerli”

[2018-01-15] “Non possiamo più tenerli”. Questa la motivazione che ha spinto uno zoo in Svezia ad uccidere nove cuccioli di leone , tutti sani, dal 2012 ad oggi. L’ammissione è dello stesso Boras Djurpark , un parco zoologico a circa 40 da Göteborg .


Nach Rassismus-Eklat: Aktivisten stürmen und verwüsten H&M-Filialen

[2018-01-15] Die Wut auf H&M kennt in Südafrika offenbar kaum Grenzen. Bilder und Videos zeigen eine Zerstörungswut auf die schwedische Kleidungskette, die mit einer Werbung einen Rassismus-Skandal ausgelöst hatte.


#ShockWildlifeTruths: Swedish zoo kills 9 healthy lion cubs because it could not rehome them

[2018-01-15] Twitter Cape Town - While animal cruelty across the globe remains a sore point, a Swedish zoo has admitted to killing 9 healthy lion cubs since 2012.


Zweedse dierentuin doodt negen gezonde leeuwenwelpen

[2018-01-15] Opnieuw is een dierentuin in opspraak geraakt vanwege het doden van jonge, gezonde dieren. Dit keer gaat het om de Zweedse dierentuin Boras Jurpark; sinds 2012 heeft de dierentuin negen kerngezonde leeuwenwelpen afgemaakt.


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